Things In My Bathroom I Wouldn't Want To Live Without

1. Mascara. I never leave home without it. My favorite kind is Lancome Definicils.
2. Dove "Rose" bar soap- it reminds me of my great-aunt every time I use it. I love that smell.
3. Dr. Bronner's soap for my children. We are using the Lavender right now, but I love the Peppermint
4. Bare Escentuals make-up
5. My current perfume, Origins Ginger
6. I am allergic to all band-aids, except for these little kid ones that I buy in Arkansas that have angels and Bible verses on them. All normal band-aids make me want to claw my skin off, even other kiddie ones.
7. St. Ives apricot scrub
8. Aveda calming oil for the bath

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  1. I read a lot and rarely comment. Yes, I'm one of THOSE people. But I'm happy your back to making lists. :) Always insightful and funny. No surprise there since you are the author! I'm planning to get some of the Aveda oil. And the mascara. I'm attracted to bad mascara so I'm glad to know what you love so much. :) Jenny Beth Walker