Our Fun Weekend

1. On Friday, I had the whole afternoon to myself, so I got a manicure and took a nap.
2. A and I went to a wedding with friends on Friday night. Dancing, cupcakes, catching up with old friends, red wine, lots of laughing.
3. We came home to an eminent Cardinals lost, then watched the miraculous COMEBACK and WIN!
4. Saturday, the kids were at my in-laws, so we slept in until ELEVEN.
5. A made waffles for "breakfast," then we went and poked around at our new gym/pool/rec center.
6. We picked up the kids and had a lazy afternoon/evening.
7. Sunday morning, A took the kids to church, and I met some great old friends at Blondie's for a delicious brunch.
8. We went to one of our favorite events, the Forest Park Family Fall Fun Fest. The Langs met us up there, then we ran into some friends from school. A great afternoon!
9. NLCS Game 1 tonight...Cards win!

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