Why I Dislike The San Francisco Giants

1. Because they stand in the way of the Cardinals getting to the World Series
2. Those ridiculous guys with their ridiculous beards- they look like pedophile terrorists.
3. The Giants are a football team, not a baseball team. Doesn't seem right.
4. Their colors, black and orange, are my least favorite team color combinations. A close second would be purple and yellow (ahem, LSU).
5. I think their fans are obnoxious.
6. One of their stars is named Buster Posey. C'mon!

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  1. re:
    2, i had my glass of wine up to my lips and ALMOST made a big fat mess by spitting it out from laughing at the last 2 words.
    5, my brother is one of the obnoxious fans. and i mean that sincerely.