Things I Need To Return

1. The six pairs of tights I bought at Macys, Dillards, and Anthropologie for the wedding Friday night. That seventh pair (gray) from Anthropologie was the winner. I bought almost every color imaginable, from salmon to chartreuse.
2. 4 ceramic mini loaf pans I bought at Michael's, because I found metal ones at Bed Bath & Beyond I liked a lot more.
3. 2 regular-sized loaf pans I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond thinking they were smaller than regular-sized ones, only to come home to find that they were indeed not. (Today could be described as the day I was taken down by my obsession with the perfect sized loaf pans. I take teacher gifts very seriously.)
4. The quilt I bought from Pottery Barn Kids for W, because as much as I love it, the green and white dotted pattern on the edging that was hiding at the time of purchase is just a deal-breaker.
5. 2 sets of sheets from Target, because as much as I was wanting to go cheap on sheets after I went big on their quilts, turns out- I'm a bedding snob.

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