1. Lazy morning- cereal breakfast for all of us
2. Late service church on this chilly morning
3. Delicious lunch with the family at Crushed Red. I had the Big Island pizza, sans prosciutto
4. A left to watch baseball at Todd and Emily's house
5. The kids and I watched the Cardinals game
6. They wanted to play doctor on me, which ended up just being playing with my hair and putting lotion on my legs and back. Not complaining at all!
7. I painted my toenails and gave W a mani/pedi
8. Supper for me was a wrap filled with avocado, black beans, hard-boiled egg white, spinach, and sweet potato
9. The kids had egg burritos, sweet potatoes, fruit, and a chocolate/walnut hillbilly.
10. I drafted an email to the moms in R's preschool class.
11. We cleaned up the house and I set out kids clothes for tomorrow and packed school lunches
12. Kids to bed after a quick shower and a chapter from Little House
13. I was going to clean our bathroom, but I opted to not
14. Watched the first half of The Great Gatsby (old Robert Redford/Mia Farrow one), then early to bed

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