1. I dressed in pretty normal clothes this morning, yet tons of people at school drop-off commented on how nice I looked. I guess switching yoga pants and house shoes in for earrings and tall boots caused a bit of a frenzy.
2. Went on a nature walk with W's class
3. I had an hour before pick-up all to myself, so I dropped some bags off at Goodwill.
4. I also went to REI and bought a load of Odwalla drinks, a stocking-stuffer for W, some Peter Rabbit fruit&veggie squeezes, and bars out the wazoo- Kind bars, mini Kind bars, Fig Bars, Luna bars, Clif kid bars...
5. Picked up the kiddos and somehow convinced them to nap (in preparation for tonight's festivities)
6. Just ate leftovers, a bit of an Italian feast- ravioli lasagna, pizza, and wilted spinach.
7. Getting ready to curl up on the sofa and watch New Girl and The Mindy Project
8. DREADING going trick-or-treating tonight because it is so cold and we already have a dangerous amount of candy.

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