Things Annoying Me Lately

1. When people host a party where they serve wine and snacks, but offer no desserts. It really does drive me nuts. I went to a Stella & Dot/Pampered Chef party last night, and with the wine and appetizers, there was also several homemade cookie options and M&Ms. That is good hosting!
2. Dust, or just the fact that no one has come forward to volunteer to be my live-in maid. Volunteer.
3. Abortion being the only thing people care about when they vote. It's going to take another Supreme Court case; a Republican president can't do it alone. (Says the girl voting for Mitt Romney. I just tend to be more fiscally conservative, and I think that covers more of what I see as a problem right now and who I think would better handle said problem.)
3. My sweet daughter is having a tough, emotional time at school. It's not annoying, but a definite dislike.
4. My car radio has 6 preset buttons with the potential for actually 18 because there is a FM, an FM1, and FM2. For some reason, I hate that, and wish that it were FM1, FM2, and FM3. Wish Volkswagen had consulted me on that, all those many years ago.
5. I am in the throws of a full-out sweet tea addiction, with headaches and all. Help!
6. We went and saw Trampled by Turtles the other night, and a group of people kept yelling out weird, obscene, and/or redneck statements throughout the show. You've heard me say it before, this is my #1 pet peeve in life. THEY HAVE A SET-LIST. SHOUTING OUT REQUESTS DOES NOT WORK. And, after Saturday night, I might vomit the next time I hear someone say, "Merica!"
7. Outlet malls. I mean, who has made a good decision there?
8. My gray hairs that are about to fall victim to an at-home color box.

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