Times I've Cried In The Last Week Or So

1. Watching Parenthood. Always.
2. When Ben proposed to Leslie on Parks and Recreation
3. I was painting my toenails in the bathroom floor, and R came in to pee. When he was done, before he pulled up his undies or pants, he leaned over and kissed me out of the blue, then struggled to pull up his pants before walking out without a word. So sweet.
4. At chapel at the kid's school this morning...just hearing the kids sing and worship God. I cry every week at chapel.
5. When they announced the new team on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
6. I cried leaving school on Wednesday after doing my "class librarian" duties for W's class. She had a rough morning wanting to cling to me instead of participating in class. Her teachers are so wonderful, and I am so thankful for them.
7. The kids and I always pray for people when an ambulance speeds by us while we're driving. Because of our accident, that's important to me. I always cry while either me or one of the kids is praying. I think it's happened twice this week.
8. I cried while talking on the phone to my Aunt Patsy about my Grandma.


  1. I cried this week while watching Parenthood and talking to Aunt Patsy also.

  2. at chapel when the kids were singing

  3. I cried watching parenthood too!

  4. We also pray when an ambulance passes by and I too cry every.single.time. It means even more now to me knowing how much it means to you. :) And your list just made me tear up. Would have cried but AG is screaming for me to come fix the tv. That could make me cry too! Ha!