My Big Brother

1. He is 7 years older than me. Seemed like a big difference when we were younger, now...not so much.
2. I would characterize him as the responsible, first child, more serious one of the bunch
3. Wears his emotions on his face. He can't hide anything or lie at all. You can read him like a book.
4. He is a middle school principal
5. One of my most embarrassing moments involves him kissing his friend Leslie in front of our whole town, but I'll save that story for my 2nd installment of "Proof of my Somewhat Redneck Upbringing"
6. I moved into his room when he went off to Mizzou, and I missed him so much that I refused to remove or move around anything in his room
7. I used to cry myself to sleep fearing that he would be drafted and have to fight in the Gulf War
8. He moved back home for two years a couple years after graduating from college to pursue a degree in secondary education. This was my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. Drama ensued.
9. Well, any drama that ensued revolved around me coming home drunk a lot and him having to deal with it.
10. He has four kids
11. I remembering crying and praying that God would make him get back together with his high school girlfriend because I loved her so much and remember thinking that he would never find anyone better.
12. He did! My sister-in-law is AMAZING.
13. One of my favorite moments ever was him sheepishly saying, "I think I might be wearing your socks. The reason I think that is that I got them out of your drawer."
14. He was a long-term sub at my high school during my senior year. My friends thought he was so cute and he would come visit me during lunch.
15. He hates being barefoot
16. He drove 3 hours to help me move when I was fired from a job and had to get out of my apartment quickly
17. He was a really big-time athlete in high school
18. My older sister and I used to fight over who would get to wear his baseball jacket to school.
19. He makes really good milkshakes, salsa, and grilled burgers (I hear)
20. He is very smart
21. He used to play the trumpet
22. He is knock, knock, knockin' on 40's door
23. Anytime he's at his house, he's usually wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts
24. He is the only sibling who is not a vegan or vegetarian
25. We like the same kind of movies (2 or 3 stars in our old tv guide) and shows
26. He likes my brownies
27. We were pen pals while he was in college
28. He loves history
29. He and I are known for sneaking around trying to locate hiding Christmas presents. My big sister caught us a few years ago.
30. He was "that guy" in high school--star athlete, good looking, fancy car, valedictorian
31. I remember being in his fraternity house while he was in college, thinking it was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen
32. He lived in a really cute old house in Springfield before he got married
33. He puts red pepper flakes on everything and loves hot and spicy foods
34. My big sister used to have a freakishly OCD arranged room with the most random crap (sorry, sis) including these tiny little seashells lined up. My brother replaced the shells with boogers.
35. He is very protective. It used to be over us, but now he is a protective father. I like that about him. You always feel safe.
36. He likes to sing and dance when no one is watching. Well, no one except for family.
37. He had an imaginary friend named Amos when he was little.
38. He and his wife are very hospitable. I love being at their house.
39. I think the only time I've been hot-mad at him was once when we were younger, he insisted on watching a Cardinals game when I desperately wanted to watch Swans Crossing.
40. He is so funny.


  1. Wow, Sis. Good times. Thanks for not mentioning "Slick". Not a proud moment. The world probably deserves to know the truth, however. I would also add "base" to that list.....and that I've always called you "Bear"...

  2. Ha! Great list. There is nothing I could dispute.