The Best Thing I Ever Ate

*this list was taken from the episodes of the Food Network show The Best Thing I Ever Ate
1. Totally Fried- Fried artichoke tapas plate at One 19 North in Kirwood, MO
2. Pizza- Patsy's Pizza in New York City
3. Wake Up Call- Sweet potato pancakes in Nashville, TN at Pancake Pantry
4. Between Bread- the avocado/sprouts pita from Karyn's Green in Chicago
5. With My Hands- Hush Puppies from Oceanic in Wrightsville Beach, NC
6. Hometown Favorites- Stoby's cheese dip in Conway, AR
7. Cheesy- Cavatelli al Forno from Rosebud on Rush in Chicago
8. Chocolate- the Chocolate Mess at Marketplace in Conway, AR
9. Guilty Pleasures- cinnamon rolls from the bakery at Silver Dollar City
10. Chilled Perfection- house margarita at Rosalita's Cantina in downtown St. Louis
11. Simply Irresistible- the fried pickles at Fitz's in U City, MO
12. Sweet Tooth- can I say my sister's vegan chocolate pie with strawberries? I think so.
13. Appetizers- Spinach and artichoke ravioli at McGurk's in St. Louis
14. In a Bowl- the tomato garlic soup at Almond's in Clayton, MO
15. Hidden Treasures- Coconut cream pie at the Blue Owl Bakery in Kimmswick, MO
16. With Fruit- Candied Walnut & Grape Salad from Dewey's Pizza in St. Louis
17. Best I Ever Drank- A goji berry & acai slushie from Karyn's Raw in Chicago
18. Bang for the Buck- vegetarian dinner #1 at El Maguey in St. Louis, with the white cheese dip all over the top.
19. At a Deli- the egg salad sandwich at Burger Heaven in New York City
20. Under Wraps- the old Weedwacker wrap they sold at Wild Oats in Little Rock
21. Cake Walk- strawberry cake from Stoby's in Conway, AR
22. With Chopsticks- Buddha's Feast with brown rice from PF Changs, anywhere
23. On a Stick- Tofu on a stick at Terrene in St. Louis
24. Ice Creamy- Peach ice cream in a sugar cone at Kilwin's in Asheville, NC
25. Childhood Favorites- chocolate milkshake from Jane & Ed's in Crane, MO (long gone)
26. All American- veggie burger and fries and a root beer from Fitz's in U City, MO
27. New Orleans- Snowballs. They put every other sno-cone in a state of shame. So good, and you can only get them in New Orleans. Don't be fooled by sno-cone shacks that claim to be New-Orleans style. They aren't.

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  1. Yes, you can say that! Squeals!

    I could go for one of those slushies right now. Or a Jane & Ed's milkshake. If I wasn't vegan.

    And I really want to go to NYC with you since one of your favorite things there is an egg salad sandwich. I want to change your mind.