Why Today Was Not So Great

1. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid being hit by someone who ran a red light and then later had to swerve out of my lane to avoid being hit by a tailgate that fell off of the truck in front of me
2. R got sick this morning at preschool-he's been feverish and whiny and tired all afternoon
3. I had to have a couple emotionally tough phone calls
4. Andy's aunt is not getting better
5. My now 3 day headache is making me feel like a crazy person
6. I got assigned to "deli meat" as what I have to bring to the first party in W's preschool they not know that my baking powers are unlimited? That I can make themed snacks and elaborate fruit presentations?! That I am a vegetarian who gags when I touch deli meat?
7. I ran out of Mad Men episodes, and now I just have to wait and wait for new episodes. I shouldn't have watched all 52 episodes in one week.
8. Puddy puked three times today. Twice while I was just trying to leave the house this morning. Nevermind. Make that five. He is literally puking (twice) right now as I type this.

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