Pinterest Pet Peeves

1. Crafting with paint samples
2. Furniture made from pallets
3. Those mummy dogs- made from hot dogs or viennie wienies and crescent rolls- that just won't seem to go away
4. When someone, instead of repinning one of your original pins, goes to the website and pins it themselves also
5. When the pin's description ends with "GENIUS!" or "Why didn't I think of this?!"
6. While most people think it's a great go-to spot for teacher gifts, I think the opposite. I think teachers don't want your homemade crafts. You might think, "but they did love it!" Well, I was a teacher, and I pretended to like a lot of things, too. At least attach a gift card or something. My favorite gifts were thoughtful letters/notes and a gift card.
7. Maybe #6 has roots in this other pet peeve of mine...crafts that have cheesy taglines, like a bag of Rolos (I mean, your teacher served your family for an entire school year for little pay- give her something nicer than a bag of Rolos!) with a tag that says--YOU ROLO-VER THE REST!
8. I should stop now before I continue to offend people


  1. Love it. I'm not a teacher, and I'm offended by a lot of those teacher gifts too! A wreath made out of pencils? Really??

  2. I think all the teacher gift ideas are crap, but I DID pin a dog bed made out of pallets. Can we ever overcome this obstacle in our friendship? :)

  3. the paint chip projects bug me, too- i doubt the paint stores want every woman in america to grab 150 chips each time they visit.