My Must-Haves For Fall

1. Short boots (Somewhere between cowboy boots, those old "half-boots" that were popular in the late 80s/early 90s, and my dad's steel-toed work boots. I'll know them when I see them)
2. A gold belt
3. A couple new plaid button-ups
4. Patterned tights
5. Long-sleeved tissue tees
6. Striped henley, boyfriend-fit
7. A cardigan with some bones and structure. Not like all of the wrap-around, loose ones I always lean towards
8. A knit poncho
9. Aaron got the cutest black dress this week, and it inspired me to get a perfect black dress
10. I have this mental image of the perfect pair of jeans, I've yet to find them, though
11. A statement collar necklace
12. A chiffon bow blouse. I love this one.
13. Opaque black tights and navy tights and gray tights. I love tights.
14. Military-inspired jacket
15. A long, airy, pleated skirt
16. this

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