Why Yesterday Made Me Proud Of Myself

1. Accomplished my entire to-do list from yesterday, except for grocery shopping, but that was a bad Thursday activity, so I'm saving it for when I have at least just one child with me.
2. I baked blueberry bread.
3. I organized our endless stock of art supplies.
4. Our laundry room looks phenomenal and I now have a great place for said art supplies.
5. I e-mailed all of my art fair volunteers.
6. W's closet looks beautiful as well, and I now have a place to rotate small toys out (beading strings, puzzles, paper dolls, blocks, etc)
7. My husband is taking a huge pile to Goodwill today.
8. W made picture frames for her Arkansas family.
9. I took the kids to Forest Park for a Member's Picnic and we had a great time.
10. The kids and I took Puddy on two long walks.
11. I did these last two lists all by myself with two kids with me all day because A was gone from 8AM-midnight.

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