Things That Are Annoying Me Lately

1. People, in general
2. Things that I view as a waste of time
3. High-pitched squealing. Coming from my toddlers.
4. The high price of school photos
5. My dog keeps peeing in the hallway or the elevator
6. Headaches, that I never had before, but I guess a concussion can leave you prone to them forever
7. My inability to find a great pair of jeans
8. How slowly some people walk across the street when you motion them to from your car
9. How long it has taken Nordstrom to open at the Galleria. Now that it's just a week away after all these 4 years, the annoyance has surprisingly increased. Open already!
10. My dining room table. Always looks disgusting. With or without a tablecloth. I would throw the whole thing out the window if I knew it wouldn't hurt anyone and if I didn't have to clean up the glassy mess.
11. Finding something that was once delicious but was hidden in the fridge and now is spoiled and has to be thrown away
12. Laundry. I usually actually like to do laundry.
13. I need a night out.
14. Stepping on Brio track
15. My throat has been killing me for days. I just want to swallow properly and pain-free.
16. Bachelor Pad. Thank goodness it's over. It's good enough to watch, but somehow bad enough to not enjoy.

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