Every Hour

*this is a snapshot of what we are doing every hour, all day yesterday
1. 7:00 am- Blow-drying my hair
2. 8:00 am- Pushing R on his turtle "motorcycle"
3. 9:00 am- Driving to my friend Karin's house with R
4. 10:00 am- Karin's house
5. 11:00 am- Still at Karin's
6. Noon- Still at Karin's
7. 1:00 pm- Making lunch- cheese quesadilla and guacamole
8. 2:00 pm- Watching Mad Men and organizing my new recipe folder
9. 3:00 pm- On the phone with Missy
10. 4:00 pm- Outside on a walk down Washington Avenue with the kids and Puddy
11. 5:00 pm- The kids are "taking care of me," which includes lotion, wet washcloths, combs, brushes, Band-Aids, and barrettes
12. 6:00 pm- Making dinner for the kids-egg sandwiches and quinoa and carrots
13. 7:00 pm- Washing my face
14. 8:00 pm- Standing by the elevator waiting on Aaron
15. 9:00 pm- Rosalita's for dinner and margaritas with Aaron
16. 10:00 pm- Still at Rosalita's
17. 11:00 pm- Watching Ringer

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