Numbers-Art Fair Edition

1. 7-greeter stations
2. 2-information booths
3. 29-hours I spent working at the art fair this weekend
4. 10- roasted corn, sweet potato, black bean empanadas I ate at the Commerce Bank welcome party Friday night
5. 3- times I rode in a police vehicle with lights and/or sirens going
6. 2- old ladies I gave rides in the golf cart to their car
7. 4- new t-shirts I have, despite the fact that I rarely wear t-shirts
8. 3300- dollars the painting cost that I fell in love with
9. 6- young, emerging artists who showed their work at the fair
10. 4- metal animal hooks I bought
11. 208- artists this year
12. 18- restaurants at the fair
13. 5- Dr. Pepper's I drank over the weekend
14. 1- water I drank over the weekend
15. 5- different crafts W and R did in the Creative Castle kids area
16. 1- golf cart flat tire
17. 6- times one of my old man volunteers tried to kiss me
18. 3-times I went to the bathroom on Saturday. Only 3 times all day!
19. 4- really rude people I had to encounter
20. 37- art fairs a man told me he went to with his wife, and she still won't even go to one Rams game with him. Good luck with that, buddy.

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