What I'm Loving Lately

1. Nature's Path organic "Love Crunch" granola. So good plain, with almond milk, over ice cream...
2. Reading poetry to the kids
3. I've been listening to, almost exclusively, Summer of Love/Monterey Pop hippie music
4. My new boots
5. Making W's school lunches
6. R is starting to talk!
7. A center part in my hair
8. My newly configured laundry room
9. Little new, red potatoes
11. This video. Don't you just love bluegrass, or is that just me? The majesty doesn't start until 2:40, so skip to that time.
12. Buttered, whole grain toast with hulled hemp seeds. My new favorite snack.
13. If I get the guts to dye, this hair color. Clearly I won't look as hot as she.
14. Yang Yang's art. I met with him at the art fair last weekend, and he was a sweet and gracious man. His art is beautiful, and for me- somewhat reminiscent of Chagall.

1 comment:

  1. Post a picture of your newly configured laundry room. Toast with Earth Balance and hemp seeds is one of the kids' favorite snacks. I think that hair color would work on you!!! I like the art.