Why I'm Thankful For My Friend Matt Mooney

1. When one of my old boyfriends broke up with me over e-mail, Matt was next to me in the computer lab (Matt was always next to me in the computer lab) and told me the guy was an idiot then took me down to the cafe and bought me a juice and a muffin to cheer me up.
2. He told me to stop wearing body glitter on my shoulders and chest sophomore year. Again, Matt, thank you for that.
3. He teaches me so much about faith and endurance and perspective long-distance via his blog.
4. He never made a move on me. All of my guy friends back then used to make a move on me. You can't save a friendship after that.
5. Any time I'm feeling blue, I can picture him doing the Chris Farley Chippendales dance, and I immediately feel better.
6. My senior year of college, when I missed him, he let me constantly drive to Fort Worth to visit him. I was lonely that year.
7. He is one of the funniest people I know, in a very smart and non-obvious way.
8. My old friend Josh Bell told me to stop wearing overalls because they looked terrible on me. When I asked if he agreed with Josh, Matt just smirk-ily nodded in agreement. (I wasn't a stylish person back then, so again, thanks Matt.)
9. His house was my second home in college, even though his roommate creeped me out.
10. You never get away with anything with him.
11. He is a very non-fussy, easy, and faithful friend.

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  1. Oh my're hilarious. I just found this list because I hit on the link and it was a different one by then. I thought, hmmm...that was weird that she linked me to a list about Nordstrom's not being open- for my birthday. But I just wrote it off as you being artsy. Thanks Cary!