Right Now, Because I Can't Think Of Anything Else As My Brain Is Fried

1. Almost Famous is on the TV, and I'm only half-watching
2. R is building a very involved train track
3. Puddy is begging for supper
4. My ankles hurt
5. Andy and W are out shopping for balance bikes for the kids and getting an ice cream cone
6. I am trying to figure out the ins and outs of Shutterfly and getting very frustrated
7. Quinoa is simmering on the stove
8. I'm SO HUNGRY for supper....maybe a veggie-packed pasta?
9. I am horrified at the state of uncleanliness of my home. I just can't get motivated this weekend.
10. I am wearing my glasses, even though they just snapped in half at the nose bridge piece.
11. It's raining.
12. I'm making brownies tonight and can't decide if I should make them homemade or use the reduced-fat mix of Trader Joe's.

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