Right Now

1. Kids are playing "motorcycle fixer shop"
2. Counting down the hours until I get to go out with Mis
3. Eating a little strawberry crisp snack
4. Listening to the latest Of Monsters and Men album
5. W just ran in with a gasp because she found Lauren's lip balm
6. Wearing a bicycle t-shirt and cropped yoga pants
7. Puddy is lying upside down on the cool, bathroom floor after a long walk
8. Now I'm listening to Walt Whitman (Trampled by Turtles)
9. Drinking almond milk
10. Now the kids are drawing bubble machines on their marker board
11. W just wanted to say to the computer, "Dear Lucy, I like to play with you every day at school. Lucy, I just love when you play with me. I think you make me so happy, and every day I like to play with you at school."
12. Evangeline- Emmylou Harris and The Band
13. Jumped over to facebook to write a friend a note
14. Realizing it's time for another nebulizer treatment. So fun. Not at all.

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