1. I just ran a 5K! I'm so proud of myself. My friend Aaron went with me and pushed my children in the jogging stroller to give me a break. It was easy-breezy, and I'm thankful for that.
2. Teddy is here playing with R. W thinks she's babysitting them, which is helpful.
3. W and I are going to bake some beet cookies (a weelicious recipe that we enjoy).
4. I need to make some returns to Target.
5. I am going to walk the kids down to the Redbox machine to rent Hop to watch tonight while Andy's cycling.
6. I am waiting to hear back from the mom's of W's classmates so that I can begin to work on the Shutterfly book I'm making the teachers for their end-of-the-year gift "from the class." A nicer version of THIS that has the kids answers and a photo of them. And I just got an email that Shutterfly books are currently 50% off.
7. Almost every article of clothing we own is in a clean laundry pile in my bedroom that is only getting bigger. I need to tackle that.
8. I need to shower, but don't trust 3 kids in the house alone. Since we have a tub and a shower in our master bath, I want to put the kids in the tub while I shower. I am trying to determine the inappropriateness level of showering in front of someone else's three-year-old.
9. Want to make some chickpea cutlets
10. I forgot that I never watched Sunday night's Mad Men and two episodes of Restaurant Impossible. What a surprise treat I have waiting for me!
11. Tank top weather! I've been waiting so long for this.
12. Can't stop thinking about/being challenged by/wondering what it means to me/etc. this quote my friend Ryan tweeted: "If you buy into that myth that our homes are self-sufficient incubators for child-rearing, then you will be isolated by a constant sense of failure."

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  1. Remember when you took a bath wearing your bathing suit with F? I love it when I scan through my DVR and find something good that I didn't realize had gotten recorded. I forgot that website was called weelicious because at first I thought you were just using it as an adjective, and that didn't really seem like you. I wish we had a Redbox in walking distance. Good job on running your 5K!