What We Did With All Those Strawberries

1. The kids ate about 20 on the way home, because I stashed them in the empty seat between their car seats. R's repeated line on the drive back was, "This'll be my LAST one."
2. Sunday after church, we had breakfast for lunch, so I made strawberry syrup on the stovetop.
3. I froze about 2 quarts whole for smoothies, and another quart sliced and diced for recipes and whatnot.
4. I made THIS Sunday night and it's pretty good. I left off the fruit slices on the top and just included them inside the bread, so mine's not as pretty as the one from the recipe.
5. I made THIS for dinner on Monday night, since we were having friends over to eat. (I omitted the white sugar in the topping, added more oats, and used whole wheat flour.)
6. I also made strawberry ice cream in the ice cream maker on Tuesday using half the sugar.
7. Thanks to Amazon Prime, my donut pan arrived in 2 quick days to make THESE for snack today and caused my daughter to squeal with excitement and name me the best momma ever!
8. Strawberries made their appearance sliced on breakfast cereal, whole in lunchbags, as a side for dinner, and rolled up with peanut butter in wraps this week.
9. I had Kashi Go Lean Crunch with sliced strawberries for breakfast almost every day this week.
10. I made a batch of veganized strawberry muffins for the freezer
11. I finished up the stash by taking some over to share with our friends for a playdate.

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  1. Those donuts look sooo good. And the bread. Well, everything.