Why Yesterday Was A Success

1. R is potty-trained! He is a pee-and-poop-on-the-potty champ! I even trusted him enough to take him to the zoo today in underwear without even bringing a change of clothes! (Not surprising, since I was the mother of newborns who never carried a diaper bag, who never had anything, just sometimes a crumpled-up size-too-small diaper in my glove compartment)
2. I got two stains out of clothing while doing laundry
3. I prepped supper before we went to the pool so that I could be quick when we arrived back home at 6:30. I've never done early meal-prepping/crockpot cooking/frozen casseroles before.
4. I bounced back from what felt like a slow death on Tuesday, to feeling fine yesterday.
5. I made two blueberry-cherry crisps (one for ME and one for my neighbors).
6. I showered.
7. I organized the kids clothes and folded lots of laundry

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