This Weekend

1. Friday afternoon, we went to the zoo for Zoo Friends Day and stayed until 7:30. It was so fun! Our favorite moment was spending time with Kenzi, the baby elephant.
2. Friday night, Andy went out, so I had a little movie party for one in my bed. I watched The Searchers, an old John Wayne film and had chia pudding.
3. Saturday morning, the kids and I went with Aaron and her kids to the farmer's market at Tower Grove, our favorite weekend ritual.
4. After produce shopping, we went to the Left Bank Books story time and the kids enjoyed stories and a special mother's day craft while I sat on the floor in a corner and poured over some expensive art books.
5. I took a too-long nap.
6. Andy went out again Saturday night, so I had another little movie party. This time I watched Melancholia (again) and had freshly baked strawberry crisp.
7. Sunday morning, I opened my mother's day cards and gift from the kids and Andy made pancakes for breakfast.
8. We went to church.
9. We went over to Andy's parent's house for brunch and let the kids play for awhile in the yard before we came home.
10. Family movie afternoon- animated Robin Hood, a family favorite.
11. A not-so-much evening of playing, eating supper, and getting ready for bed.
12. Andy and I are getting ready to watch the final 3 episodes of Fringe for this season.

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