When Mom's Sick

1. The kids get to watch a lot of TV
2. I have to clean up her own vomit, which isn't fun
3. W becomes my caretaker, bringing me cough drops, tissues, clean towels, chapstick...
4. R doesn't help at all
5. The kids make dots all over their bodies with markers
6. Frozen pizza makes its second appearance of the week at suppertime
7. I sit in the bathtub for two hours at a time
8. I see how flat and tight my stomach gets from puking and wish my illness with coincide with a swimsuit outing for once.
9. Puddy lays right on top of me the whole time I am lying down.
10. My lifeless body becomes R's racetrack for his cars
11. R finally decides to successfully potty-train

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  1. What is wrong? Regarding #8, maybe I should stop by; I could use some of that.