Some Confessions

1. I had a panic attack on Sunday that was triggered by a tiny seed tick I found in a reusable shopping bag that had my husband's hunting clothes in it.
2. Monday night is my guilty pleasures TV night. I watch Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie. I just can't quit. And I'll watch The Bachelorette in May when Emily's season starts.
3. I judge people when I see what they are buying at the grocery store when I'm in line behind them.
4. I accidentally "poked" (why does that feature even exist??!) an old boyfriend's wife on facebook, who I am not friends with. I was just innocently stalking her. So awkward!
5. I ate an entire strawberry crisp by myself in two days.
6. You know how clean-freak Monica (on Friends) had her hoarder/messy closet? For me, it is my toaster oven. It is always disgusting, and I don't even really understand how to clean it.
7. I was seen in public yesterday in what could only be described as inappropriate lounge wear.
8. My sister blames my frequent depression on me only reading westerns and watching war movies.
9. However, I am starting to really enjoy watching Doc McStuffins.
10. I love mushrooms, especially baby portobellos, and eat them every daty, but hate washing them.  So I don't. Mushrooms have visible dirt on them. I justify this by sauteeing them and not feeding them to my children.

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  1. In response to:
    1.- My dogs both got worms once and I first saw them squirm when putting their bedding in the washing machine, and I immediately started sobbing and shaking, grabbed Violet and scrubbed us both down in the shower, then carried her out to the car and drove to Conway and wouldn't go back inside until my mom had bleached/swept/mopped/vacuumed every square centimeter of my house, and I made her take the dogs to the vet. I didn't touch them for weeks. It was more than a panic attack.
    3.- I do too, and I'm afraid I probably make faces too... I also shop with the knowledge that the person in line behind ME may judge me for my choices, so it helps me make better decisions...
    10.- Alton Brown says to NEVER EVER wash mushrooms. Just wipe them with a damp cloth. So you're good there. Grocery store mushrooms aren't foraged in an actual forest, so besides a little dirt, they're not actually "dirty."