Why W Has Declared This Day "The Bestest Day Ever"

1. She got to "sleep in," which is what she said, but she really woke up at 7:00, which is normal for a school day.
2. Her and R watched Sesame Street while I was meeting with another school mom at her house.
3. I took them to Demun Park for a nice morning of playing.
4. We got sno-cones next door, and she was thrilled they had her favorite- strawberry
5. Snack-Plate for lunch (I do this when I don't know what to make them. They each have a plastic plate with 4 sections. I fill the 4 sections with random things that wouldn't normally go together. It's our version of muffin-tin meals.)
6. Movie after naps
7. They get to to to "Daddy's Office!" because I have a meeting in Clayton at 5:30, so I'm just going to drop them with him so he doesn't have to come home early.
8. I let them buy a frozen pizza for Andy to make them for supper, since I'm going to be gone. Oh, the joys a $2 Totino's Party Pizza can bring.
9. Her Minnie Mouse nightgown is clean and ready to wear tonight.

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