Yesterday's Ridiculousness

1. I can't quit coughing and hacking stuff up. I would say I have the black lung, but everything that comes up is green/yellow.
2. I suppose my phlegm-induced nausea gave me a lapse in judgment, as I went to the store and bought the components of last night's supper- Chef Boyardee pizza box, ovaltine milkshakes, and popcorn. The kids were in heaven. I felt like I was contributing to America's obesity problem.
3. The speaker on my iPhone is wonky, so now when I get any alerts or try to use the speaker function or play a video, it sounds like an underwater Darth Vader that you cannot understand.
4. W puked pretty fiercely in her bed, so she moved to my bed and sent A to the couch. She then threw up twice in my bed. I was awake from midnight until 2:30 am.
5. We did not have internet yesterday. I had so much stuff I needed to do on the computer, but wasn't able to.

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