Things I Love About My Kids

1. W's hair fresh out the bath
2. How she loves to be praised and loves to be snuggled
3. When it's too late for clothes, but too early for jammies, and I put them in a hand-me-down-from-me t-shirt (because it reminds me of getting to wear one at my Great Aunt Mert's house)
4. R's love for a backscratch and rub
5. When he goes off on a monotone blabber where I don't know what he's saying but I have to respond because his inflection suggests that it was a question
6. When W works on an art project that lasts over several days
7. How they play together. It's such a sweet, precious thing for me to watch.
8. New jammie nights
9. R's imaginary play...all by himself immersed in whatever...airplanes, Legos, train track, dinosaurs....he is so content and creative.
10. I can trust them in all situations....fancy restaurants, doctor's offices, art museums, nice stores.
11. Listening to them apologizing to one another and granting forgiveness (especially R- melt my heart)
12. The joy they have when Daddy gets home
13. Baking with them
14. W's so sensitive to my feelings and hurts alongside me when I'm hurting
15. I love when R comes sleepily stumbling out of his bed in the morning, dragging his monkey blanket and Chops the bear
16. Singing You Are My Sunshine together
17. They both love to play with my hair and fix it up with barrettes
18. R says "pinkles" instead of "sprinkles," and W calls construction paper "instruction paper." I treasure those little sweet goofs.
I could go on forever...

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